What our customers say about us

Our 4-year-old dog Lasi has been attending Wag’n’Tails daycare for 12 months. She is so happy and so are we.

After lots of searching for a quality dog daycare we finally found Wag’n’Tails. No other doggy daycare came close. The reason why Wag’n’Tails is such a quality daycare is because of the effort by the owners, Michelle and Paul. From the very beginning of establishing Wag’n’Tails they both researched the best features for a dog daycare centre. The outdoor area is perfect, both spacious and very safe. The indoor area is immaculate, also spacious and safe.

The dogs are looked after incredibly well. It is obvious to us that Michelle and Paul love dogs. They both are very knowledgeable about dog behaviour.

They are extremely organised, welcoming and very considerate. We recently bought a house and one of the top priorities when house searching was that the house had to be located within 20 minutes from Wag’n’Tails. This was non-negotiable because Wag’n’Tails Doggy Daycare is unique.

This place is AMAZING.

If you need a daycare facility for your pooch this is definitely the place to go. My dog, Paddy (or No. 1) as he is known as he was their first pooch through their gates and he absolutely loves going there.

I  feel extremely happy to leave him in the very capable loving hands of Michelle and Paul.  I moved away from the area and took him to another daycare centre nearer to my now home but it was clear that Paddy was not enjoying it, he didn’t run to get there and actually tried to get back in the car, plus I wasn’t enamoured with the people who ran it.

I contacted Michelle to see if there was any way if Paddy could return to Wag’n’Tails and they have been more than helpful in accommodating a slightly different way of doing things so that he can continue to go there regularly and have an excellent time playing with the many doggy friends he has made.  I love getting the photos and videos Michelle and Paul send, especially the hilarious commentary that comes with them.

The dogs have ample exercise running around the many areas they have with tunnels, trampolines and loads of things to jump on and off off!  Paddy is always shattered when he comes home but he loves it, as is evident from the way he pulls me to get up to the daycare centre and also goes mad when he sees either Michelle or Paul, they always have a nice clean face after he has greeted them.

There is a huge indoor area for when the weather gets bad and plenty of room for the dogs to run around and play, they also have quiet places for any dogs that need it, they have truly thought of everything.

Jackie Crowley
(Shiatzu) – Paddy

Wag’n’Tails is a fantastic doggy daycare and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Michelle and Paul know exactly how to engage, energise, and relax the dogs in their care, all of whom get a very personalised VIP experience. Our Sproodle pup has the time of his life at Wag’n’Tails and cannot WAIT to get there in the mornings.

The dogs play beautifully together, as seen in the photos and videos Michelle and Paul send throughout the day, and even have group naps! It’s certainly a 5 star service and we feel incredibly lucky to live within the catchment area of the best doggy daycare in the county.

Katherine and Roberto Severi
(Sproodle) – Monty 

Send your dogs here – they will adore you for it! We feel incredibly lucky to have found such an amazing Doggy Daycare.

The safe and secure land gives them real freedom and the indoor facilities means they’re stimulated during play time. Wilfie absolutely loves going – his whole body wiggles when we drop him off. Michelle and Paul are both super loving with all the dogs and send us regular videos, photos and updates throughout their day – their commentary is hilarious and make us laugh and smile.

Wilfie has lots of friends of all shapes, sizes and breeds and it is great to see them all getting on so well together and learning from each other. They get equal amounts of attention even if ours does try and stake his claim on Michelle and secure her lap before any other dogs can!

Wilfie has been going for 2 days a week for about 12 months (since he was 3 months old) and is really well behaved and socialised as a result. We are often complimented on how well behaved and chilled out he is for a Beagle (they’re not known for their good/chilled out behaviour haha). We put it completely down to Michelle and Paul and their well thought out and through safe set up of Wag’n’Tails. He is safely able to run around and get rid of lots of excess energy, play games and interact with other dogs.

He is safe, very well loved and stimulated. Michelle also makes sure he gets his rest – when he was younger he just wanted to play all day, not knowing when he needed to sleep. Michelle often massaged his ears until he fell asleep! Worked like a dream and he is now more balanced and knows when he needs to rest. If Wilfie bumps into a friend from Daycare in a different setting he is so excited to see them and actually kisses his doggy friends!

It’s lovely to see and we are so grateful to have Michelle and Paul in our lives.

Samantha and Louis Ions
(Beagle) – Wilfie